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Fate Does Exist

Since the moment I first met you online,
I knew that I had found a wonderful friend.
Your humor always makes me laugh,
But your gift for wit never ceases to amaze me.

When the woes of the world overwhelm me,
You are there with comfort and perspective.
Your sense of humor makes me smile;
Your compassion and understanding makes me rejoice.

There are billions of people in this world.
and of all these people, I met you.
Fate has brought us together;
Fate will hopefully never tear us apart.

Because of you, I know that fate must exist.
You are living proof.
Although I may not say it often,
I value you immensely.
Thank you for being my friend

Many years ago a Dear friend Chuck aka EasyRider
helped me put together my first Web pages.
After all these years I still keep in touch with him.
He will forever remain at the top of my buddy list.
Thank you Chuck.
Love JoBeth
*Mwah* kisses

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