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In search of our ancestors, we have visited courthouses, newspaper offices,county libraries, state libraries,state archives, family history centers,and cemeteries.

We have traveled to Nacogdoches, Douglas, Austin, Longview, Ft. Worth and Dallas Texas; Ardmore, Davis, Miami, and Oklahoma City Oklahoma; Columbia, Jefferson, Joplin, Taney Co., Douglas Co., Hickory Co. and St. Louis, Missouri; Memphis Tennessee; Little Rock and Ft. Smith Arkansas and Salt Lake City, Utah.

We have also traveled all over the United States on the Internet and corresponded with hundreds of ďcousinsĒ via E-mail, some of which are our second cousins that we didnít even know we had.

We have read books, legal papers, census records, marriage records, death records, cemetery records, land records, agriculture records, war records, church records, Bible records, court records and tax records.

We have learned that nearly every family had a William, a Joseph, a Benjamin, an Elizabeth, a Mary and a Sarah Jane. There is a Sheriff John, Capt. John, Jersey John, Indian John, and Peg-Leg John (the latter was also known as Elder John). There was a Temperance, an Experience and an Innocent, along with several Americas. A George Washington, James Monroe, Grover Cleveland, Jefferson Davis, Thomas Jefferson (and a Jefferson Thomas), a Benjamin Franklin and a James Madison.

They fought the Roman Church of England in Europe, and the State of England during our Revolutionary War. The Bozarths primarily fought for the Union during the war of Rebellion, and the Whitakers for the Confederacy . They also fought the Indians and the Mexicans. They took wagon trains to Oregon and California in search of a better life, burying friends and children along the way, only to find that it isnít really greener on the other side of the fence. They suffered hardships we canít even imagine. "