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Hello, My name is JoBeth Also known as ArkansaSunshine
and Sparkles to many Of my net friends.
I started this page several years ago....
When I had no clue how to even put a site together.
Time and lots of playing on the PC has taught me enough to wing it. LOL
One of my passions is Genealogy.
I love to visit the places of my Ancestors and learn of their ways of life.
There is no way to describe the feeling that you get
when standing in the same spot they once stood.
Seeing the same mountains, rivers, and creeks, where once they lived,
and learning of the hardships that they endured.
It will bring tears to your eyes, and a deep feeling of pride
and admiration for the loved ones that came before you.
If family is as important to you as it is me.
Then I would encourage you to take a step back into the past.
Your Ancestors have left a legacy for you.
Now it's up to you to leave one as well.
This site is dedicated to my Mom Helen.
Mama lives next door and we are very close
She not only shares the same passions of Genealogy
and Computer Graphics... She is my best friend.
I would never have been able to put this page together,
without her encouragement, and belief in my efforts.
Her love of Genealogy flows through her veins and into mine.

~~I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I held my first Grand-baby... It could never hold enough.~~

Here I share some special pictures of my Loved ones.
Take a peak!

As some of you know... I have also spent the last several years
learning computer graphics....
This page speaks clearly of my computer addiction. LOL

This is a special page put together with all my friends Urls.

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