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This wonderful graphic and more of Lisa Jane's work can be found here:
The Magical World of Lisa Jane - Childrens Photography

I can remember not so long ago chatting on line
Wanting to do my first web page and was clueless how.
Making some wonderful online friends
who helped me via the net....
Put up a site that I was so proud of.
But I still wanted more...
I wanted to learn how to make my own pages.
My own stationary. My own signature tags. My own everything...
To be able to start from scratch and put it together.
I found a tube site by accident and the rest is history.
I am now a Tuber for hobby and keep very busy at it.
What is a Tuber? You might ask.
Well a Tuber is someone who takes graphics and removes the backgrounds.
Making the image transparent to be used in many ways.
The graphics I have used here on this page
were all put together with tubes.
Images that I removed the background from
and then made my own graphics with them.
For the last 5 years I have been feeding my obsession
with a wonderful program called:
Paint Shop Pro
You can download a trial version of it by clicking above.
You can also take free and easy on line classes that teach you
step by step at your own pace. Here are a few places below:

Psp Imaginarium

If you really want to become a pro with the program...
you need to take a Psp beginners class.
No matter how many years you have been dabbling with PSP.
You learn so much in such a short time
and it is really fun! You will be hooked!

Ginny and Dawnie from PSPlS_Beginners
Have a very good beginners course
that will allow only 50 people at a time
so that they can give one on one instruction.
They have asked me to remind everyone
that they are a Family Friendly Group
and No adult lanquage or images of any kind.
PSPIS Beginners

You can also find thousands of Tutorials on how to use
Paint Shop Pro and all the hundreds of filters available.

Psp Links To Tutorials

I will be uploading My Tutorials here at a later date.


From as far back as I can remember... Sitting on my Daddy's lap
He always told us kids that he loved us 7...because 7 was the most.
Although Daddy has passed on many years ago...
My family still carries on this tradition.
In phone calls, Emails, Christmas cards, and Birthday cards...
Daddy's love will always be remembered in this special way.
To my family who mean everything to me.
Love, JoBeth
My Family

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